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Loft Conversions in Kent and South London by Make Room Loft Conversions Ltd. When thinking of a loft conversion, there are various steps and plans that need to be taken into consideration. Below are certain steps and how Make Room Loft Conversions can assist you with your new loft conversion.

  1. Firstly we can visit your property and advise you on what type of loft conversion is best suited in your loft and if you can proceed to have.
  2. The next stage is to research around and arrange a meeting with our own architect; for a site survey of your home. Our architect will then, draw up the detailed plans and submit them to the council for planning permission. After your planned drawings are passed, they are yours to start the ball rolling in creating your dream home.
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3. It is essential to protect your home from the weather. Some people might like to take risks by not having a proper scaffolding with a canopy to stop the rain; this is false economy, as it hinders work progress and can damage your home.

4. We not only do all the carpentry needed to support your roof, we do all the roofing elements, windows, doors and fully decorate.

Most loft conversions are finished within 4-6 weeks, our aim is to remove any difficulties from our customers and deal with the whole process from start to finish.

When your drawing plans are passed, Make Room Loft Conversions Ltd will supply you with the most competitively priced quote possible and a professional customer service.

If you require viewing any of our former loft conversions we can personally arrange a visit to liaise with some of our previous customers.

On your approval of our quoted price, you can then decide to proceed with Make Room Loft Conversions we will arrange a date to begin works.

During the first part of work, we will not need internal access to your home. All works are done through the roof from the outside, until the loft is built. Then we will cut out for the stairs, at which point we will need internal access.

loft conversions in Medway, Kent

The common examples of loft conversions are …

Hip to Gable End conversion with or without a rear loft dormer.
• A rear loft dormer conversion.
• Or a Velux window conversion.

When thinking of a loft conversion, there are various steps and plans that need to be taken into consideration, Make Room Loft Conversions would love to assist you.

Make Room Loft Conversions

We have over 30 years experience building loft conversions. Call 01634 510477 or 07788 471004 to arrange a visit to a show home near you. We can help guide and advise you in the most effective way to make your dream become a reality, throughout Kent and the South East.

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Meanwhile, please take a look at our Loft Conversions Gallery for inspiration.

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